Scientists Disagree with Nuclear Power

Scientists James Franck (chairman), Donald J. Hughes, J.J Nickson, Eugene Rabinowitch, Glenn T. Seaborg, J.C Stearns, and Leo Szilard formed a commitee that was against nuclear power. They created a document called " The Scientists Hesitations:Franck Report; in this document they expressed their feelings on the topic of nuclear power.

They stated that the development of the atomic bomb has not brought benefits, it instead brought misery. " We cannot take the same attitude now because the success which we have achieved in the development of nuclear power is fraught with infinitely greater dangers than were all the inventions of the past." The scientists recognized what they created was much more powerful and harmful than all the other weapons they created in the past. Scientists are known to provide new weapons for mutal destruction of nations but they now they feel as though their contributions towards nuclear power will prove to have a large and negative impact on the nation.

They understood the benefits that the atomic bomb could offer but they were skeptical. " Among all arguments calling for an efficient international organization for peace, the existence of nuclear weapons is the most compelling one." Nuclear weapons are very powerful and it can bring an enemy country to defeat. Although they viewed the upside of nuclear power they also saw the downside and due to this, it created their skeptism.  "Within ten years other countries may have nuclear bombs, each of which, weighing less than a ton , could destroy an urban area of more than five square miles." Every story has two sides and the scientist understood both, but they remain loyal to their beliefs.

In using the atomic bomb, bad results could surface. " She would sarifice public support throughout the world, precipitate the race of armaments, and prejudice the possibility of reaching an international agreement on the future control of such weapons." The usage of nuclear power could steer America's society in the wrong direction, which can bring the progress of the nation to a halt.

Ultimately the goal of the scientists  was to band the usage of the atomic bomb or nuclear power as a whole. " To sum up, we urge that the use of nuclear bombs in this war be considered as a problem of long - range national policy rather than military expediency." Nuclear power should not be used in the war; it should be the last step the nation take. In doing this America would be taking a procautious step that would secure it's well being.