Atomic Bomb

The Manhattan Project was America's develpoment of the atomic bomb. There was a belief that Germany might develop an atomic bomb so Albert Einstein and other physicists persuaded President Franklin Rooselvelt to make a research program. Universities played a large role in the research program; they confirmed that atomic fission was possible through a chain reaction in uranium. Later Dr. Ernest Lawrence found that uranium could be converted into the more common element of plutonium. The bomb was said to be ready in time to affect the course of the war. This project involved 125,000 laborers and cost 2 billion dollars. The next president, Harry Truman ordered to drop the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6,1945 followed by a second one in Naguasaki three days later.The Japanese surrendered on Auguest 14th, and this marked the beginning of the nuclear age.

The creation of the Manhattan Project was a large part of America's rebuttal to the incident that occurred on December 7,194l at Pearl Habor. After this incident America was united and prepared , the Manhattan Project proved America's determination to succeed. The Japanse betrayed America and this therefore justified their action in producing the atomic bomb, " during the intervening time the Japanese Government has deliberately sought to deceive the United States by false statments and expressions of hope for continued peace."

J. Robert Oppenheimer with Albert Einstein was responsible for the development of the atomic bomb. Oppenheimer later felt the wraft of guilt and fought the creation of the powerful hydrogen bomb. He believed that the atomic bomb was not just another weapon but it was instead something much larger that can cause a large change to human life. Although Oppenheimer assisted in creating the atomic bomb; his thoughts about the project were transformed into being negative. After the first bomb was dropped on Japan he must have realized the huge impact it had on the environment. America was doing many things to keep their lands safe. Some of the methods America took was constructing interviews, relocating people, and taking spy-like items. These methods were used as stepping stones that led up to the development of the bigger plan , which was  the atomic bomb.